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Friday, May 15, 2020


Staff (Rent- A-Car): Here you are again, I thought
you just bought a car recently.
James: Yes, a 1978 model...not too bad... about
400,000 kms.
Renee: Congratulations, you are moving to your new
Darren: Thanks. The housewarming will be about
January, you are one of the special guests.
Renee: I'll just use my Melway to find your house.
Darren: I'ts not yet in the Melway, unfortunately!
Suitor: Mrs. Gomez, I would like to ask how much is
the dowry for your youngest daughter.
Mrs Gomez: Well, it's ranked according to beauty.
So for the youngest, you're looking at $10000,
for the 2nd youngest, about $7500 and for the oldest
Suitor: Gosh, do you have a servant?
Carol: The mayor is here; quickly get the camera.
Housekeeper: What brand, Mam?
Carol: Any brand, do not ask me silly questions!
Housekeeper: (Brought the gadget)
Carol: I-Pad?
Housekeeper: You said, any brand!
Customer: May I order an entree, please.
Waiter: Sure, Mam. What is your main meal?
Customer: Is there still a main meal? No, I
think entree sounds nice. Just entree and
water is fine!
Waiter: I really don't like recession at all.
Wife: Darl, good news! My Mum and Dad will
visit us this Christmas.
Husband: Really, then start to fortify the house!
Leah: I really fought for that parking spot with
that blonde lady. We were both fined.
Anna: Why?
Leah: There was a sign: "Disabled only."

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