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Friday, May 22, 2020



Husband: Darl, have you seen my credit cards?

Wife: It's already in the bank, Love!

Husband: And why? Shopping again!!! Grrr!!!

Wife: The bank says: Over the limit.


Patient: You know Doc, I have this funny feeling!

Psychiatrist: Tell me about it.

Patient: I think I am falling in love with the most

handsome and smartest person I ever met!

Psychiatrist: Who is the man?

Patient: You are the one, Doc!

Psychiatrist: You're now telling the truth at last.

Verdict: You are now well.


Lawrence: This is the best I-pad I've ever seen,

so slim and tiny about 7x7 cm.

Fay: You've never seen mine--- 3x3 cm.

Lawrence: Wow, when did you use it?

Fay: I have not used it, are you mad?


Winnie: This Navigator amazes me!

James: Why?

Winnie: I was planning to go to Sydney, then I

arrive in Perth!


Customer: Waiter, why is this prawn so small,

I could barely see it!

Waiter: What did you order, Sir (large, medium or


Customer: I ordered small!

Waiter: That's our small! Small is not big,

isn't it?


Fiancee: Why did you organise our wedding on

April 1?

Fiancee 2: What's wrong with that?

Fiancee: That's April Fool's Day!

Fiancee 2: Alright, let's move it to Labor's Day.


Principal: I have overheard that you are just

reading newspapers in class, what's up?

Teacher: What's wrong with that, am I not

teaching Current Events?


Wife: I dreamed of going to the Bahamas, Darl

this spring!

Husband: How much does the ticket cost?

Wife: Only a thousand dollars!

Husband: Does your dream has a sequel?

Cheers: Cynthia Abegail

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