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Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Aboard one's life, not perfect and stray,
All fall short and miss the mark at bay
No other gods before me, no idols lay
Thine commandment at Sinai I weigh...
Forgive me Lord, sometimes weak---

As the eyes and heart revel so bleak,
Gaze at fanciful reality, icing so sweet
Promises illusions, then feast not fast!
Swirled by the breeze of raw devotion,

Blinded by reverie, starlight oblivion
Hid from the truth for it will set free,
A slave to a bondage that reels glee!
Only Thee is the vision of eternity--

With tears woke up dreams of vanity,
Thy love searched for me in gulley
Downtrodden on tracks and canny!
Only Thee is the First and the Last,

Should quest of life not wary and rust
Emblazon my heart, yet trip and cast
Coming back, thanks Lord at the dusk!

Hold my weary hands and boon heart,
Caught me as an eagle swoop at nest
Reddish wounds dried and then blest
Thine touch revives my spirit O' zest.
No more idols, no more flimsy views

No more gods, no more daring mews
Thine grace is enough, gifts so much
Thine love suffices, mercy and solace!
All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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