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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ps 113:3 The Name of the Lord Be Praised

"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the Name of the Lord be praised." (Ps 113:3).

The Creator, Almighty God in all of His glory and power must be praised at all times.  If someone builds your house, you are full of gratitude to the builder.  If the doctor's prescriptions healed you, then you are happy and grateful.  How much more to God, who created you, nurtured you, protected you?

In thanksgiving, we praise God with all of our might.  It is not only a duty, but a necessity.  God loves us so much.  And to give back to this awesome love of God, we just have to love, praise and worship the Almighty!

Our hearts could overflow with love for God and our neighbours.  It does not happen without prayer.  We have to live a life of prayer, always communing with God so that we will hear His Voice and obey Him.

Let us pray today that God will touch our hearts and will give all of us the gift of prayer and unwavering faith.  Dear Lord, may your Face shine upon us and may your blessings be poured upon us.  May we be obedient to your commandments and follow your Will and plan for our lives.  All of these prayers in the Most Holy Name of Your Son Jesus.  Amen

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