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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


(Part-I-Republishing For New Readers-Total Seven Parts)(We are introducing a very talented writer,Mr.Saji Varghese,Vizhag,India. This is really a beautiful story .)
NEW READERS: This was previously published but we hope those who have not read it, you will enjoy it. An excellent story..a short novel.)
This is a continuos story and will be published in the coming days.Congratulations and welcome to Saji to join our team of other famous writers. Now please enjoy the Part-I of the story)NEW WORLD
I“Achaya,” suddenly I came back to the reality of the world hearing that lovely but thick voice. There, my wife was standing with a lot of question marks in her eyes, who had returned from the nursing home, after the day’s service. I looked at the watch; oh my God it was almost seven in the evening. I forgot every thing in the world for a few hours, I forgot the normal tea time today; even my house was dark since I didn’t switch on the lights even in the sit out or in the other room.
“Mercy”, I called my wife lightly and told her,“I’ll make some tea for you.” She must be tired of the day’s service. I rushed to the kitchen, even the milk was frozen in the freezer. By the time she got freshened up, I made the tea ready.
“Oh today’s tea is really wonderful,” commented my wife. Ok; at least she is not angry, other wise house will be thick of silence. With only two souls in the house, I can’t bear the silence, since I always liked the noises of children, some music or some repetitive stories from my wife about her struggle in the childhood or after getting the job and so on.
“Achaya, what happened today? You are not in your normal rhythmic and joyful mood.” She always commented to me, “When’ll you be serious in your Life”, which I had never been able to do; since I am always an easy going and tension-free man taking all things as it comes.
After years of service at various places, our retirement life started 4 months back in my own village, since it was always my dream to go back to my own place and live along with my relatives and friends. Mercy was reluctant for the village as children had already settled in the metropolitan cities with their own jobs. Having worked with figures and accounts, and in various cities all the time, I felt that it was not my area of choice. I wanted to do some social service for the rest of my life time. Last she got convinced that there was no point in arguing, since, after our marriage I always did what I thought was right, even if I had to take pain for that. In our village one of our relatives was having a medium sized hospital, where he wanted somebody to supervise the day-to-day affairs which he used to express during normal talks; and there lay the solution-having worked in health services for several years, Mercy would have been an ideal choice and she also required some engagement, since retirement doesn’t mean retirement from life. There started her daily routine of going to hospital in the morning and coming back to house in the evening. I used to go to the hospital on alternative days, talk with patients, who used to share their agonies, problems and also their hopes. Since I am a very good listener I could listen to many of the stories, achievements, aspirations, agonies, dissatisfactions, and so on from the various patients of different ages, young as well as old ones, men as well as women. Balance days I acted like a good farmer taking care of small fruit- bearing plants and nice little vegetables, which make me self sufficient in the area of cooking of vegetarian dishes. In addition, my requisites are small chicken pieces and some cute fish curries once in a while.
“Achaaaaaya, which world are you in now?”, whispered my wife in my ears.
She again asked “Why are you not in your usual pleasant mood”. I answered, “Ok. I‘ll tell you. This morning when I visited your clinic, I met one of my old friends of my college days. “Man or woman?” my wife was unable to hide her curiosity.
WILL BE CONTINUED- Part II-tomorrowLabels: Saji Vizhag, The Blossom Is Back Again

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