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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


The Sublime Pond:

The Sublime Pond
Sitting by the jagged rock,
Pondering by the flowing water
Pebbles toss the nimble fingers,
The scented breeze blew beyond.

Ducks swaddling and floating,
Tiny fishes throttle and gazing
Algae emerald green scatters,
Light reflected on the banners.

Where are you my sweet flower,
Voice echoed as leaves rustle
Here am I by the lovely pond,
Simmering by the blazing sun!

I thought you have forgotten,
This delightful pond like pelican
Come and join me by this nature
As pretty as the sky azure!

The leaves shimmer as light reflect,
The water like spring that deflects
I hid by the shade of the tree,
As the sun blazes as summer...

I remembered your countenance,
By the pond with quiet water
So deep, and yet so gentle,
As your heart with compassion!

Clear as the blue yonder sea,
Striking the ebbs of the wave
The crest rises beyond my sight,
Missing you by the miles!

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