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Friday, May 22, 2020



This is a story about Larry, an enigmatic person that
Kate and I met ten years ago. I would not say that this
gentleman is not a bit of a character. He is, definitely!
Larry is quite tall, with a face not like Humprey Bogart;
that's too handsome. Let us say, about a cross-breed of
Tom Selleck and you know the one who played Dr. Zhivago.
One thing, he has this kind of appeal that whereever he
goes, women are there! I am quite puzzled, because he is
not really extraordinarily good looking. Anyway, let us go
to the point.
There is something about Larry; something eerie in his character.
Mind you, he is quite aloof. Whenever Kate and I almost bump
into him, he is almost on the other side of the door. "Hello,
Larry, how are you?" Larry replied, "Well, very good and
Not too bad," when he is not in the mood.
Whenever someone talk with him, (especially women), he will not
look at them but look on the ground. Once, we asked him whylike that?
 Well, he said that he is just like that, quite shy.
Anyhow, Kate and I become quite puzzled about this man. Then,
later, we learned that he is just about one year old when her mother
died. That means that he did not have the full presence of a mother
during the time when he needed most care and affection.
He had also variety of moods; sometimes he will be so joyful, then
another day, he will just pass you like you are a stranger. Quite
enigmatic. But, Kate and I broadened our perspective of Larry
upon learning that his mother died at his tender age.
How important the time we are with our mothers during our developing
years. The gentle touch, the warm embrace, the sweet smiles are all
just irreplaceable! We will never forget our mothers through all the years.

Let us always thank God for our mother...

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