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Friday, May 22, 2020

What a feeling! Short Story by Maria Cassia

My daughter got a streak from me.  Well, after her stint at school, she came running to me and she is quite over the moon. I asked her, “What’s up, Donna?”  She seems to be a cat swaying and purring, “I saw my crush and our eyes locked Mum.”  I said, “What’s this crush thing?  You should be studying for your Physics exam and you just dwell on this Mr Moonlight.  She pouted and sneered, “Not Mr Moonlight Mum but Mr Philips.”  I replied, “Ok, even if he is Mr Sunlight, I am still concerned about your obsession.”

“Oh, Mum do you know that because I am so inspired, I got a 95 percent in my last Physics quiz?”  I said, “Ok, but you are just sixteen and I do not know why you fell in love so early.”

Then she rebut, “How old are you when you got married?”  I answered about 21 but I did not have a crush until 18!”  Donna smiled and said, “That’s the old generation!”  I am a millennial, remember!”

I left and kept thinking, “What is a millennial? Then I just said to myself, “Whatever!  She is just too young!

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