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Thursday, July 9, 2020


We encounter so many challenges in life.  At times at the
point of despair, we could not help but question God about
our predicament.  Yes, it is true that life is not that easy.
On the other hand, have we trusted God enough?

Just like in the story of Job, he also came to the point of
helplessness, yet he did not lose faith in God.  One may
say, "We are not Job."

But examine our lives and we will find out that there's
A bit of Job in us.  All of the trials that seem unceasing.
Therefore, it is only a matter of how one handles these
tribulations.  Have confidence in God.  He will never
abandon us, that is a guarantee!

We do not test God anytime.  We should wait patiently
for His will which will unfold in His time.  Because God
is God, "Be still!"

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