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Tuesday, June 16, 2020



Business was so bad the other night the orchestra was playing
"Tea for One."

A guy buys all kind of scuba diving equipment---$2000 worth.
He goes 150 feet down in the water,sees all the strange fish and
scenery, and says to himself, "This is really worth $2,000 ---I'm
really enjoying it." He goes down another 50 feet, sees more
beautiful fish and scenery, and all of a sudden coming towards
him is a fellow in just plain swimming trunks.

He takes out his underwater pad and pencil and writes a note to
the guy in swimming trunks saying, "I just spent $2000 on all this
equipment and here you are all the way down in just a pair of
swimming trunks. What's the idea?

He hands the pad and pencil to the man, who writes back,
"You idiot---I'm drowning."
A guy comes up in divorce court about alimony payments. The judge
says, "The court shall grant this woman twenty five dollars a week."
The guy says, "That's very nice of you, Judge. I'll pitch in a few dollars
I sent my income tax form in last week and didn't sign it. If they want
me to guess how much I'll make, let them guess who sent it in.
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