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Saturday, June 20, 2020


The Fall of Babylon
The traders had cried; mourning and weeping, Anguish for city, no more silk, pearls and gold Thought she was a queen, but plagues devour, Lord God --- condemned city of debauchery... Jewels, linen and spices burned to the ground, Seafarers watched with horror as ivory is gone Tears and groaning for no more of vast riches, No more myrrh, wine, chariots; ruined as dust! No more music of the trumpet, no more sorcery, Lavishness ruined by the mighty Hand above-- No more harps but just famine, the queen fell The doom has to come, for sins soars the sky ! Nations drunk of the wine of the harlot in her, But everything has an end, no more scarlet--- Babylon has fallen, the great city met its match, The finery has paled; sunk to the depths of the abbys!
 Inspired by Book of Revelation All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail ( Always anything goes up very high has a limit. The vices of the people were so much that God had to put a limit and alas the City of Babylon was crushed and fallen.A very good example that we should not be proud and vicious but be humble and love one another. Good example and a great poem. Thanks Cynthia) New World

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