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Wednesday, June 10, 2020




(Surprise. New World has the youngest story teller. We are happy to introduce Arianna Rose Philip,our youngest author and we welcome her to the esteemed team of writers. The following story was told by Arianna who is only close to 5years old and the story was written in words by her mother Anisha Kurian Philip. As you know Anisha is also a writer of our Publication.Arianna used to tell a lot of imaginary stories and this time her mother helped to write one of the stories in words and send for publication. Thanks to Arianna and also her mother Anisha for helping her to write and edit it.)New World

**Short Story By Arianna Rose Philip

One day when I was looking through the window of my grand parent's house I saw an animal walking across the street. I became very curious because it was a wolf and I recognized him easily. I had seen him. Last week I had gone to the Animal hospital.My mother was with me.We had taken our Cat Mr.Spencer to the doctor. There we saw Willie the wolf there.Hum... I had never seen a wolf before.I was curious. I smiled at him. He too. He told me his name. Across the street poor Willie was limping. Oh! he may be in pain,I thought. So I ran to him and said "hello,Willie". He was very happy to see me there. Hellow "Arianna,how are you ?" He asked." I am fine. Are you in pain ?" He replied with a sad look. " Oh!..Ya...a little pain."He answered. I wanted to help him.His owner was walking behind him. I asked permission from him. "I have a fireman friend,Mr. Johnson.He can help Willie."I told the Owner. "Please help,thank you Arianna." The owner replied. I called the fire station and requested Mr. Johnson to help Willie.He immediately came and took Willie to the Animal Hospital.I went with my Mother to visit. Willie had a thorn on his pam. The Doctor took it out. He put a bandage too. Oh! how happy he was. How happy I was too.The owner thanked. Willie embraced me and told "Thank you Arianna. You are very helpful."My parents and grand parents thanked me. Please help others when they are in need. Thank you for reading my story. love to all of you Arianna

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