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Monday, July 20, 2020


Of Beautiful Mind

(A beautiful short story which explores the human mind and concludes we are all humans including the genius)New World

Jenny and I were rushing to our class of fifteen at Vivaldi's Room. I whispered to her,
"Quick, Jenny or else we will get a bad impression from the new professor who replaced Sr. Jenkins after only three weeks. Panting from the ground floor, we manage to beat the
lecturer by only half a minute.
"Good morning, I am Dr. O' Hara from Rome and I am going to handle this class of
Basic Scripture for the remaining seven weeks." Jenny remarked, "Gosh, a Dr. from
Rome on my first semester here." "Is this a dream or pure reality? I whispered,
"Keep quiet, remember we would like to get good marks in this subject." Well, this
teacher amused us for about half an hour of elite, professional jokes that I developed
stomach spasms before tea time.
I almost fainted when I read the syllabus; "Is this for a semester or for two years?"
I thought at this time. When the session ended, I walked briskly to the library to
get ahead of the circulation books. I borrowed a lot of books that when I got out of
the library, I almost hit the professor with the closing door! I was so embarrassed
that I just said "Sorry" so quickly. At least he saw me with so much zeal for the subject.
The following day is a gruelling venture. Of all people, I was posed the first question!
With great courage, I abashedly answered the question. Well, sometimes it pays
really to be prepared.
At recess, Jenny and I chatted about our professor. Jenny said, "Did you hear that he
is one of those who translated the Dead Sea scrolls?" I replied, "Jenny, you know that as
weeks go by, I am getting more nervous on how I can cope with the standard of this
genius lecturer?" Jenny snapped, "Mary, you are always telling me that the Lord always
say,'Be not afraid.' I know but anyway, this is the first time I have been under a teacher
who can speak 12 languages." Jenny exclaimed, "Really, I did not know that!" I think
I am already getting some nerves!
At night, I am burning a lot of oil and I thought that if this essay will not pass, I will just
do a lot of shopping!" Well, there you are! Why am I too much worried? I just have to
pray so hard isn't it?
I have recited one of the longest prayers in my life. Why? I will be so shy to face the Dean
after this semester. Suddenly, Jenny patted me. "A penny for your thought." I said,
I think I need a dollar!
Once, I had the opportunity to speak with the teacher just on break. I thought people with
beautiful minds are difficult to get along with! Not at all! Jenny and I concluded, "They
are so humane and understanding after all." They just wanted us to learn and to explore
heights of learning that they have experienced. Never, never will I get nervous again!
All rights reserved Cynthia Abegail

Cynthia Abegail

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