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Wednesday, July 29, 2020



When I was a child, I act as a child, from the words of St Paul.
Imagine the days when you were still sixteen years old. The
world for us is rosy as can be. We thought of ourselves as
invincible. We will surf the deepest seas and challenge the
giant waves! We will climb the high mountains to clamber
our innermost fears. We will dream the impossible and
suddenly wake up to the stark realities of life.

When you first fall in love, you saw your beloved as the
one that can make the palpitations of your heart speed up
that you seem almost breathless at the sight of him. The stars
seem to race in the sky while both of you walk under the
gazes of the moon. You seem to be floating just like the dry
ice that produce icy smoke. You seem to be dancing just like the
eighteen year old having a debut waltz with Strauss "Blue Danube."

Now, we grew up and saw the realities that are not only true
but fascinating. Your loved one is not a superman or with a
magical sensibility. He is truly humane, with positive and
negative feelings. You now begin to understand that life is not
a bed of roses, neither a bed of thorns. Life is exciting because
it pose challenges everyday and you just have to pray hard and
ask for God's grace to make the right choice. Now, you begin to
realise that not all people will be good but not all will be bad either.

There was a time that you always look at the past and reminisce
grand and idealistic dreams. But now you begin to be aware that
you have to take your time, day by day..."For you do not know
what is in store for you for the next day." Nobody could be certain!

That is the beauty of life! It's only our Creator who knows everything.
Not us, not the geniuses...never. Do not be anxious for the day has
already many of it's cares. Abandon to God your desires and dreams,
cooperate with His will for you. Life will not be perfect, but at least
you are in the right track!

Maria Cassia Austero

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