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Wednesday, May 4, 2022



It was Aiko's first day at home; I looked at the cat intensely

with a wonder on my face if we will really develop a lasting

and loving relationship! Aiko, a Japanese name since my

son had a good friend named Aiko. She had that deep-set

narrow almond greenish eyes that blinks at the slightest of

light. She was three months old at that time and our first

meeting was casual just like meeting a stranger for the first time.

Aiko! I called her because she was at the door. What, a debonaire of a cat was there and they are looking at each other with a strange gaze. Oh, no! I thought this kind of gaze occurs onlyamong humans. Nevertheless, I was there just like a suspectingmother protective of her daughter. I called a second time, Aiko!
She looked at me with disgust; I got guilty because she seems to say"

"I was just trying to be a friend." Alright, I was wrong and I did not call her anymore.

After 30 minutes of gazing at one another, I finally had it and carried

Aiko in my arms. She did not resist; I think she was tired already.

What a fluffy white coat with some black layers. I found her endearing

yet I did not have yet that closeness which others have with their pets.

I quickly prepared her bed out of soft cuddly cottony cloths which I placed

in a small mini-bed. She simply lay there because it was already twilight.

But at 11:00 pm, she woke me up. I was sleeping soundly that I could barely

get up. I told her, "Please sleep again." She did not get the message, she just

kept licking my feet. O' no, I seem to have a newborn baby. Anyway, patience

is a virtue, so I obliged. Thanks that she slept almost sunrise and I could

not help but sleep-in a bit. This is my first time to have a pet. It is really

gruelling but at the same time exciting. I just hope that our relationship

will flower at its bud. It is still early to say but I have great hope.

Part 1 will follow.

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