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Saturday, July 30, 2022




Remember the days when my eyes
Leap like a deer, jump without lies
Reflects like a doe, a dance to shun
A raspberry casting a sweet glance.

Remember the nights of no slumber,
A mirage, a pool of water that gaze
A heart casting its melt on this blaze!
Prince of tides, olive green it takes...

Remember the dawn that promises,
As sun reminisces the rays of hope
The sword of pen beats with rhymes
Melody and rhythm caring with vines!

Remember the ocean of sultry waves,
As I stand on the shore, leeward side!
From south to north, just a dream...
A drizzle of gentle wind touch my cheeks...

Remember the hills, verdant and green,
Panting for breath as I run seems to win
The shadow from the trail of the mount,
It's you that tread by the valleys of land.

Remember mountains I will surmount,
As passion of the heart, must it abound?
Rivers must be crossed, rocks of mound
Is it love that fascinates, fiery that winds!

Memento that creeps the month of May,
As flowers bloom, oranges, pinks O' array!
Season of joy and mirth, as the petals reap,
Roses and buds shoot memories nay, deep!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
( Our Cynthia's Poems are always melodious and beautiful.)
New World

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