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Tuesday, August 25, 2020



It is still recession but things are not as rough
as before. Here comes Jaimee, the bubbly
call centre operator lining up in the canteen
at lunch.

Canteen staff: What are you after, Miss?

We have specials today; ham sandwich
for only $5.00. If you like extras like
avocado for additional 50c only!
Jaimee: Could I have the avocado please...

These latest car models are amazing! There is a
button you can push and there you go...
your wife will automatically fly to the freeway!
by Witty Henny

I live in the outermost suburbs. The mailman...
e-mails me my letters!

Husbands, do you like to surprise your wives?
Do not talk in your sleep, just smile!

(Nice Jokes, Cynthia, Thanks) New World

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