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Monday, February 1, 2021


( There is a great lesson to learn and thanks for this Literary contribution) New World
Eagles are amazing parents. I didn't know how special
are the nests they make for their babies. To make it,
Daddy Eagle makes this special nest with sturdy twigs
and sharp thorns. But to make it comfortable, he'll cover the twigs and thorns with grasses.
But here is the amazing part: Mommy Eagle pluck her own feathers from her breast! She'll place them on their nest for added warmth and comfort.

Many times a day, Mommy Eagle will fly out and bring some fish or other food and put in the open mouths of her hungry kids.
Because the nest is built on high rocky cliffs, winds are very strong. When there's a storm, Mommy Eagle would cover them with her large wings. The eaglets lived a pampered life. But one day, it's time to teach them how to fly. And in an instant, their entire world changes.
First, Mommy Eagle will remove the grasses from their nest; thus the thorns and twigs will not make it comfortable for the eaglets.
Next, their mother will throw them out of the nest to fly. But they will return back to the nest and they bleed because of the thorns and twigs. They cry and say, "Why does Mommy do this to us?"
Then they will be thrown back so many times and on about the seventh or eight time, they get the message --- Mommy is teaching them how to fly!
Finally, Mommy push them to the cliff, and surely death is just awaiting.
Then the eaglets flap their wings and now they are already flying.
In the same way, we encounter failures and difficulties, but it does not mean that God rejects or abandon us. God is just redirecting us for something
that is better for us.
Adapted: Jerome Hinog and Nestor Yana

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