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Thursday, August 6, 2020


( Rani John, with many articles she has captured the attention of so many readers.She has written more and the latest is given below. We have no doubt ,she is a very talented writer as other members of our team. As other writers, Rani has important messages to give to our respected readers)New World
In the gospel of Mathew(Mathew 26:7) and Mark(Mark 14:3), we read about a woman who poured out an alabaster jar of perfume on Jesus. Some of the people who were present there said "why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for more than a year's wages and the money given to the poor." And they rebuked her harshly.
The footnote on my Bible says that the perfume was equivalent to 300 denariis.Denarius (or plural denarii) was a Roman currency system used in the new testemant times.A denarius was roughly equivalent to one days wages for normal work.So that perfume was appromixately equivalent to a persons one year wages.
John chapter 12 says that the woman who poured out the perfume on Jesus was Mary,Lazarus' sister.Mary did not consider anything precious when compared to her Lord.She did not take a second thought or made a quick claculation on how expensive that perfume was.She knew very well that there were so many poor and needy people around, but she felt the urge to provide the precious or most expensive thing for her Lord and Saviour Jesus.
It was not sprinkled or poured on Jesus, instead the alabster jar was just broken to pour out the whole perfume on Jesus.It just came out as an impulse of her heart...unconditional love and reverence towards her Lord Jesus.
I would like to concentrate on the people who gathered there.They criticized her saying "Why this waste?"Does that sound familiar???We are surrounded by people who criticize us in many ways..and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we also do that..We do that without considering the priority of the other person.When those people critisized Mary, they did not understand that Jesus was her priority.,
"Why do you want to spend this much time for the Lord?",Why do you cry this much when you pray?"or "Its just a waste of money spending this much for the work of the Lord"...All these questions reflect one simple fact that these people have a different priority and they do not understand how important that it is to us.
Next time someone criticizes you, remember that your first priority may not be even the other person's second or third priority or sometimes it may not be there in his priority list and that's the reason why the other person does not understand what you are doing.This is the same Mary(Martha's sister) to whom Jesus said "Only one thing is needed,Mary has chosen what is better and it shall not be taken away from her", For Martha, preparations to be made for welcoming Jesus was the priority whereas for Mary it was sitting at Jesus's feet and listening to Him.Remember, the time you have invested for the Lord, or the tears you have shed before him, or even the precious expensive perfume you have poured on Jesus, nothing will be a waste...
The world may think that it is a waste..but you have chosen the best portion and it is expensive to your Lord.

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