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Monday, August 24, 2020

Hope that surpasses

Joy seems unending but darkness raced through nimbus,  Eerie and confusing the turn of tide,  Remembered the good days of mirth and laughter, Till the moon covered the sun of eclipse.

Sadness as the loved one spiralled into the land of nowhere.  Hope’s bygone as trickles of oblivion and mirages.  Tears flow unending, then prayed without ceasing,  As the staircase of heaven swayed on his life.

Ecstasy turned into a limbo,  The accomplished become a failure, Moving faster than sparrows to an end full of greys, Head bowed, sullen cheeks and eyes without sparkle.

The love never’s gone adrift, the faith never weaken but asunder,  hope is at the summit as God’s the only answer!

Hope and hope one day at a time, things will change as tears cover her cheeks, with eyes in heaven for nothing is impossible for Him.

Life change as she ponders on their burden, the stray did not come back yet but the lost sheep will be found.  As the Lord looks for that one sheep, He left the 99.  That’s how precious he is, the sheep forlorn and rejected but one day will come back like an eagle!

All rights reserved:  Poem by Cynthia Abegail

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