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Thursday, June 3, 2021

IN PRAISE OF WISDOM by Cynthia Abegail


All wisdom comes from the Lord,
and Wisdom is with him forever.
Who can count raindrops or the
sand along the shore?
Who can count the days of
How high is the sky? How wide
is the earth?
How deep is the ocean? How
profound is Wisdom?
Can anyone find answers to these
Has anyone ever shown where
Wisdom originates?
Does anyone understand her
subtle cleverness?
There is only one who is wise,
and we must stand in awe
before his throne.
The Lord himself created
he saw her and recognised
her value,
and so he filled everything he
made with Wisdom.
He gave some measure of
Wisdom to everyone,
but poured her out on those
who love him.
Sirach 1:1-10
* In the book of Chronicles, King Solomon
prayed, "O Lord God, fulfill the promise you
made to my father. You have made me king
over a people who are so many that they cannot
be counted, so give me the wisdom and knowledge
I need to rule over this great people of yours."
God replied to Solomon, "You have made the
right choice. Instead of asking for wealth or treasure
or fame or death of you enemies, you have asked
for wisdom and knowledge so that you can rule my
people over whom I made you king. And in addition,
I will give you more wealth, treasure, and fame than any
king has ever had before or will ever have again."
Wisdom is a great gift. As children of God, we can
say "Abba Father, please give me wisdom to know
what is right from what is wrong."
We love to give our children the best of everything.
How much more with our loving Father? King Solomon
has asked for wisdom and it was granted to him.
Nevertheless, it was overflowing wisdom--- for God could
not be outdone with generosity; especially for those who
love Him dearly!

Source: Good News Bible.

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