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Friday, June 25, 2021


John and James were rivals even during
their high school days. After thirty years
of graduating from college with Summa
Cum Laude (one from Oxford and another
from Harvard), they bumped unto each other.
John: How are you James, after all these
James: Doing fine! How about you?
John: Well, as usual... Outstanding life!
James: Have you heard about my sons
and daughter?
John: Yes.
James: One is a Nobel laureate, the other
won a Pulitzer prize and my daughter is
a top surgeon!
John: Well, this time... I will really edge
you on this. My eldest has multiple
personalities, the second has a dual personality
and the youngest has no personality, how
about that?
Jenny: I really like my new friend Suzanne?
Vera: Why?
Jenny: She's so quiet, I can always fill the gap!
Wife: Have you seen our milkman today?
(in the likes of the "The Postman Rings
Husband: No! But I heard he died yesterday!
Fan: Oh, Mr. Reynolds! How handsome you are
in person. May I have an autograph, please.
Mr. Reynolds: Do you have an I-pad?
Fan: Yes!
Mr. Reynolds: My signature is there, just open it!
Doctor: From the likes of it, you may have
a colonoscopy.
Migrant: How much, Doc?
Doctor: Only six hundred dollars!
Migrant: In that case, I will just have an autopsy!
Cynthia Abegail

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