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Thursday, February 25, 2021



A wife suddenly discovers the password of
Andrew, his husband. A coining of their
It was Joandrew. Her name is Agatha---
And the trouble begun.
Doctor: (to a patient with delusion of grandeur)
"What is again your name?
Patient: O' Ursula Andress (chuckled)
Doctor: Are you sure it is not Claudia Shiffer?
Patient: Well, that is my alter-ego!
Priest: Now, I appoint you as the facilitator of
a group!
Jenny: Thanks, Fr. Bart.
After a month's work, the priest received tons
of letters.
Priest: I told you to facilitate, not to take over!
For three months, Kay learned to drive it. Last
month to quite a perfection, she managed to
fire it to the wall!
I trade in my car and I was fuming... They gave me
a keyring as a compliment!
Carmel was a neophyte violinist. I will not say that
she is not promising--- I only don't know why the
snakes keep coming in!
There's a new perfume and women just savor for
it. It was designed by a famous star and the name
is,"He will come back, guaranteed!"
Wife: After many years of devoted service and love
to you, you are now shifting your attention to that
woman twenty years younger than you are?
Tell me what's the difference, you told me that I
am so beautiful!
Husband: When did I told you?
Wife: Twenty years before!
Wife: What really is the difference?
Husband: Nothing much, only the crevasses!
Greg: Our trip is confirmed. Pack your bags!
Leila: How sweet! I imagine we are sitting
Greg: In the bus, not in the plane!
Leila: Grr!###
The income tax people are ultra-nice. They sent me a
form to fill up. C. How much do you earn? D. How much
do you usually spend?... Send D!
Cheers... Cynthia Abegail

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