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Tuesday, July 13, 2021



(This is a teenage story about Gemma, a shy and slightly insecure maiden from
the village of  St Rita).

Gemma slept with a smile on her face; that was a cool night of September in a
humble village of St. Rita.  What, her Mum finally agreed that she can go to her
first party!  Gemma, a third year high is a thin maiden with an oval face, lots of
pimples and seems awkward in her ways.  Is she a genius?  Well, maybe.  She
usually rank second in her junior high; she can't get over Jessamine who is a
whiz in Maths.  Anyway, Jessamine is weak in History and Science, Gemma

Early in the morning, Gemma kissed her lovely Mum, aged about forties.  Ampy,
a nurse is strict with Gemma because she is one of the four gems of her life.
Gemma sweetly said, "Mum, thanks for allowing me to attend my first party."
Ampy replied, "Hmm, you woke up so early, usually you are still at bed at this
time,"  Gemma replied, "Yes Mum, I like to prepare my clothes and shoes for
tonight!"  Ampy gushed, "What, at 5:30 in the morning!  You are too excited, my
darling baby!"  Gemma shyly responded, "Yes Mum, I really have to make sure that
all of my clothes are in perfect condition, my hair accessories are appropriate and
my sandals are shiny and polished!  Ampy shook her head and said, "I was not
like this when I was fifteen!  What are teeners now eating to be this bizarre?"

Well, the final night of reckoning came.  Here comes Gemma at 6:30 pm!  If you look
at her, she seems to be going to a gala event or Oscars Award!  We will not say that
she is not pretty!  Aside from those countless pimples, we will say that she is lovely!
Wearing a sleeveless smart reddish -orange frock, she looks divine.  But wait, who is
her escort?"

Knock, knock, knock!!!  Ampy rushed to the door... "O good evening Ramon, you
look dashing."  Ramon replied, "Thanks Mrs Cruz."  Ampy teasingly replied, "Please come in!"
As Ramon walked through the door, he was amazed.  Gemma strutted like a first-class model.
Ramon gushed, "I could not believe in my eyes you look like Amalia Fuentes (the popular
actress in their place).  Gemma blushed, "Not really" and giggled!

Gemma and Ramon rode in a jeepney.  In their village, a limo is not yet in fad and remember
this is a rural area.  When they arrived at the party, Gemma likes to retreat.  She said, "Ramon,
there's many people."  Ramon gushed, "Of course it is a party!"  Gemma slowly recovered
from her shyness and danced through the night.  She was at the height of her ecstasy, for now
she felt so independent and freed from her hang-ups.

After the party, Ramon accompanied her to go back to her place.  Gemma could not
explain her joy and excitement after a stint of dancing the rumba and the salsa!  At the gate,
Ramon gently kissed her at her cheek.  Gemma blushed because Ramon is her first love.
"Goodnight Ramon!  This is a night I will remember!"  Ramon teased her and said,"Goodnight,
your Dad is at the window!"  Gemma blushed, "Oh no!  Dad is there, are you sure?"
Ramon gushed, "I am just joking!"  Gemma run after him and pinched him hardly and they laughed and laughed!

All rights reserved:  Maria Cassia Austero

(The feeling of young people is just different; they are so innocent and they reminisce memories so
fervently and with bubbling excitement.  A first experience is memorable, never to be forgotten!)

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