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Sunday, August 9, 2020


This is a love poem for lovers... Cynthia writes
(The beautiful poem will make us happy now and surely will take many of us to the past. A wonderful art woven with words.)New World

Moments of Joy

A feeling of euphoria the day we met
Dancing over the silver moon as yet
Is that you, my heart leaped like a deer!
So foolish, a mirage or a shadow?

Seeing a few flowers close to the bay,
Smelled one by one like a maiden
Fragrance exudes like the kindness,
Of your heart, is this rendezvouz?

Walking by the sand, memory drizzles
I took a flower and peel the petals...
He loves me, he loves me not?
I have to forget but to no avail...

The heart beats as the raindrops
Without ceasing as the seasons
Spring, winter and autumm...
Or summer bright and auburn.

I beg my heart to forget thee...
It refuses vehemently, aye no!
It says, how can you stop the ebbs
Of my rushing overflowing love!

All rights reserved Cynthia Abegai

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