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Monday, August 24, 2020

Sometimes hearts are silly: Short Story by Maria Cassia

“Here you are again drooling over Ralph!”   Mary Lil is awestruck, dumbfounded and simply annoying.  “Oh Jacinta, you are old already so you do not understand what to be in love.  Jacinta quipped,  “Oh, you will never know how many men had been captivated by my charm.”  Mary Lil replied,  “And then you did not marry, why?”  Jacinta replied, “I just like to be alone and independent, not to worry about men’s oddities.”  Mary Lil said,  “Jacinta, you just do not know what love you miss in life.”  Jacinta retorted, “Never mind.”

Jacinta faced Mary Lil and asked:  “What have you seen in this man?”  Mary Lil giggled and replied, “Many just like he is so gentle and loving and caring!  He knows how to deal and please women.  Just like today, hi hi hi,  I got red red roses.”  Jacinta retorted, “How do you know he is serious with you?”  Mary Lil replied, “Yes, I can feel it.”  Jacinta then said,  “Mary Lil, a feeling is fleeting only.”  Mary Lil replied, “What do you like me to do, analyse or synthesise him.  I do not wonder, you have taught Maths before.”

After a week, Jacinta saw Mary Lil crying 😢Jacinta tried to console her and said, “Mary Lil, what’s wrong?”  Mary Lil replied, “I saw Ralph with a blonde lady and they are so sweet! I thought, he loves me.”  Jacinta replied, “You must be smart and strong.  Not all men are faithful.”

After six months, Mary Lil was singing.  Jacinta is smellin love in the air.  She asked Mary Lil, “What’s up?”  Mary Lil said, I met this doctor, Sam is his name.  He is so handsome (giggles).  Jacinta replied, “Be careful this time.”  Mary Lil replied, “Yes I will.  I will use my head and heart this time.  Anyway, we have a date tomorrow.  I have to prepare my red blouse and skirt.  Jacinta replied, “Of all colours, can you pair with white or black?  Mary Lil replied,  “No no no, I am in love.”  Jacinta shook her head, “Here we go again!”

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