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Friday, March 11, 2022



Stella's Teenage Blush
( This is a beautiful story.It vividly describes the hidden feelings of a youth. A very nice story)New WorldStella is an ordinary teenager with acne and pimples but there is
one thing that's so striking with her. She has an innate charm and
just imagine, she gets 100% in all her tests. I really could not say
she is a genius because she forgets her pen most of the time that I
always have a spare pen for this friend of mine!
Unlike my circle of friends, she is so quiet and reserved that she was
once voted as "Most behaved" in our Trigonometry class. Is she weird
or strange? This is a million dollar question for me which I tried to solve
when we were in fourth year high school.
I thought she was a nerd! Why? Because whenever our History teacher
ask her any question in History, she knows it and she could even visualise
the face of Julius Caesar... Hmm, what has she drunk when she was a baby?
Is it some kind of a high quality DNA milk? I am not jealous at all because I
can draw so well; Ha Ha!!!, at last I found her weakness. She is weak in painting
and even in sewing.
One day, I was surprised! She told me a precious secret. She said, "I have a crush
and his name is Virgil!" Really?
We went to this party and we had a game called Trip to Jerusalem. At the end, Stella and Virgil were left with only one chair to sit on! Whoever sits on the chair is the winner!
Guess what, at the end of the music, she accidentally sat on the lap of Virgil; everybody laughed!
She blushed, coz Virgil is her crush.

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