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Sunday, August 2, 2020


pic credit:  nature landscape pictures


The darker moon descended the end of sea,
Trickles of light emerge seemed from nadir-
As the waves gleefully danced to the shore
Hazy beginning, radiated slowly at its door.

This is the dawn of new life, a renewed day
Man fall but the hope never fails, unending
As the gates were closed but hopes to open
The blood that cleanses, sins white as snow!

A shadow of lovers sat by the rocks at dawn,
Reminisce the new covenant of God and man
The sweetness of gaze melts in intimate love
Though agape encompass the beauty of dawn.

As they hold their hands, reminisce how He
Carry us everywhere, everytime in highs---
Most of all in the lows of our lives at its ebbs,
Come in His presence, pray O' at depths!

What He has given, He can withhold again,
Gifts He bestowed as golden turns to rust
At His beckon, all may end not to ascend--
At His beckon, all may never to descend!

I like the light of dawn in as much as sunset,
But the Creator of both I love most and best
Not only of His Wisdom, Beauty and Power,
For lo' I am His creature- thankful at dawn!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(Another literary Gem from our Cynthia.Thanks)New World

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