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Wednesday, August 5, 2020


This was heard from the grape vine.
A guy in New Delhi started working for an export-Import Company as a typist. A lady was the boss and the Office was in her home. She told the new guy that the 'Big Boss' was on a foreign tour. He worked a month and the lady told that he would get his salary as soon as the 'Big Boss' returns a day later. Big boss came the next day but he seemed to be a little weak. He had a long beard and his jacket was dusty. The Boss told that he was in Germany and had a long flight. Poor employee was never paid and the promise was extended to another month. Nothing happened. The employee was ready to leave. Then came a young man to the office and the big Boss told that this new guy came for an interview and he was supposed to put a deposit for becoming a Cashier of the Company. The Boss told that his Company was exporting and importing Tractors from Italy and the farmers from Punjab and other States are supposed to bring in deposit for placing Order. Many came and put up some money. The Boss did all the transactions showing the pictures of Tractors on the Wall.
One day the servant in the house told the employee secretly that in fact, this Boss was a big crook and he had gone to Jail for some crime of cheating people. He had told a big lie that he was in Germany, when actually he was in Jail. The employee knew that this Cashier guy was also going to be cheated but could not say anything in the presence of the Boss.
The Cashier promised to put the sum of money to get the job. The Boss told the employee that he would be paid his salary in two days.
Next day the Cashier guy came back. He called the Big Boss and talked to him secretly. Oh! the Boss was happy. The Cashier guy told the Boss to pay the other employee's salary. The Boss happily paid a little more money in addition to the regular salary.
The Cashier guy and the Boss went inside a room. After one hour they came out. The Boss permitted the Cashier guy to take the employee outside for a cup of Coffee.
Outside the house the 'Cashier guy' told the employee to leave the place as soon as possible because the Boss was really a crook and a Criminal which the employee had known from the servant boy. So he went home happily with his salary. The next day the employee got a telephone call from the 'Cashier guy'. He learned an interesting story.
The Boss used to cheat everyone by showing the picture of the Tractors by taking money as a deposit but never had any business and never sold a single Tractor. The Cashier guy was going to lose his deposit money for the job also.Knowing this, the Cashier guy played a big game. He told the Boss that he was an expert in duplicating the currency and should bring him a lot of cash. Next day when the Cashier had come to the Boss's house, the Boss had a lot of Cash to duplicate it. He took him to a room and the Cashier guy pretended to keep a big pack of money with white papers of the same size of the currency and asked the Boss to wait 24 hours to make it happen to double the money.
The Cashier Guy told the Boss that all the currencies would be duplicated in 24 hours but in fact when the Boss opened it after 24 hours there were only two currencies on both side of the pack and only white papers left in the pack and the rest of the cash was in the Cashier guy's Pocket.He had gone for ever leaving the Boss. POOR BOSS !!
(A wonderful and meaningful short story). New World

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