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Sunday, January 22, 2023



This is a question that almost always come to
our mind. What if I lose something? What if
they change their minds? What if nature
lashes again? I do not mean that we never
plan for anything. We do, and that is the order
of the day.
On the other hand, it is better to be more
optimistic in our lives. We can say, "If this
happens, this is what I am going to do. There
are some things beyond our control... O'
many at times, it's hard to keep counting.
I thought of diminishing the "control freaks" in
us because it will lessen frustration. We do not
rely on just fate but by the gifts of wisdom and
understanding given to us by God-- we use it
for the needs of others and ourselves.
There are times that there seems to be no way.
Indeed, there is always a way, on any circumstances.
But, only through the Most Powerful... the God
Almighty! It only needs faith even to the size of
a mustard seed.
When a miracle happens, some may frown and say
it is beyond reason or understanding. But of course!
The Lord is beyond reason and explanation! Let
us examine if our faith is big enough to merit
consideration from our beloved God.

Maria Cassia

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