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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


This is a love poem dedicated to couples and lovers, young and old alike...

WITHOUT YOU Without you, summer seems winter so icy Much a spring barren of flowers like a lily Autumn that sweeps the leaves of colour Like cold season, dreary O' dark at lore! Without you, tears flow as drops of sienna,

Gasping for breath, drenched by raw olives My heart so sullen as the sea that bid adiu And mind so frigid as the Antarctic deluge! Without you, the moon doesn't rise anew,

The stars cease twinkling, so plain of view The clouds hide by the black fog ensnare The sun does not set with hues that dare!

Without you, the day seems many years

And twilight is bleak, no comet endears The valleys not green and hills are dry The mounts with no springs that sighs! Come back my love, do not run away, Lest my life will be empty near May Let's run again to the top of the hill, I love you, this true O' gentle and real! All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail (Thanks Cynthia for this wonderful poem. Only a poet/poetess who possesses the God given talent can come up with such a poem, a very melodious and a meaningful one.)New World Republished


Unknown said...

Dear Cynthia

You have penned it so vividly. Really great work!


CynthiaAbegail said...

Dear Mary,

Thanks sincerely for
the wonderful comment
about the poem, "Without
You." I really enjoy
writing poems for the Lord
and love poems.


menino godinho said...

Dear Cynthia

Please don't use Pink color enable to read dear