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Thursday, August 27, 2020



Scripture attest to grievous errors of our past ancestors.
Recall the scene in Exodus wherein Aaron, brother of
Moses crafted a golden calf and worshiped a non-living
thing. The people danced in revelry and disarray.

When people participate in false worship, consequences
are inevitable. There is no one, no not even the sun or
the moon in all it's beauty could be worshipped. Only
One should be worshiped, the True, Living God.

The worship of false idols is the beginning of fornication
and all evil things. In the first place, it starts with
falsity and error. As the saying goes, "Crime does not

What are false idols? False idols are not only living and
non-living things. It could be anything or anybody whom
one places his utmost trust and hope. It could be any
form of nature, heavenly bodies, plants or animals. It
could be a family member that one enshrines in his heart
above God.

God is our quest, our hope and The One we must trust in
good times or bad times. Just hang on Him and you will
never regret a moment in your life. One may ask a question,
"I pray but bad things happen sometimes." Have you
remembered Job? The tragedy in his life is beyond compare
but at the end, God rewarded him for his faithfulness.

As children of God, we have also the responsibility to be
faithful to Him and His commandments. Love God, love
your neighbor--- that's not so heavy to follow, isn't it?
Maria Cassia

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