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Thursday, June 2, 2022


**A Tranquil Moment **

A poem by Dr. Mercy Abraham
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi- UAE

My Soul soars to worlds unknown
Like a skylark that soars across the lake
What heights of joy and depths of deep Love
It can go and find its treasures.

 Peace fills my mind at this moment solemn
As I gaze across the green placid lake
Where else can I find such a place except
In my own country- "Gods on country!

Where birds come to nest from eons abroad.
It is just pleasant to spend some moments
In this tranquil time - when time seems to be standstill.
And peace soaks into my heart

The shots seam very clear, which
Does not fade in memory,
when You look across the years
What nostalgia will fill your mind, when

You be old and want to go back
To your cherished moments in your memory- lane---
I can see this now as I sit and
Jot down this lines beside the tranquil lake

And as I look at the white birds across the marshes
Some of the birds fly in pairs and
Dance in the air, and go back to their nests
Where their bird lings hatch

I love this moments where everything is quiet
And at a slow pace, when I go back
To my restless and monotonous pace, and
I will be glad if my words bring cheer to you
Across the ocean, and you are far away.


(Thanks to Dr Mercy Abraham for sharing with us this sweet and
romantic poem that gently unfolds a loving tone in the tranquil
moments of nostalgia and pleasant memories!  Excellent!)
New World

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