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Friday, February 26, 2021


Short Story

Arianna Rose Philip


Once upon a time there was a team called 'Animals Take Flight'. The animals in the crew were a Butterfly, a Frog, a Penguin, a Cat and a Unicorn. Their names were Polar,Butler, Meow, Hopper and Whatto. The team had a mission which was to rescue the animals who were lost. This time they had to rescue a Baby Dolphin and a Baby Orca.
The team took their gadgets and went into the ocean to find them.The team had a 'Secret watch' which helped them to see and beep if any animal is in danger.
The team found both the Dolphin and Orca were playing.
After playing for sometime, they wanted to go back but they did not find their way. When they did not find, they started crying.
Then the team came near them and asked them what happened. They told the team that they could not find their mothers. The team consoled them and brought them back to their homes.
Both of them, the Dolphin and Orca promised to obey their parents in future. They lived happily ever after.

(Rights reserved by the author)
(Arianna is a 7 year old girl, now a teenager, has written many other short stories and  poems, and also a book of short stories and poems which were all published
in our New World Publications. 
Thanks Arianna) New World Publications

(Arianna, your short stories project great morale!  Excellent.)  Republished
Cynthia Abegail

Arianna's book: The Chick And The Egg by

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