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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Be joyful but keep your foot on the ground! Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

There is a saying, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  Joy is elusive as shown by millions of people who are affected by this insidious illness, “depression.”  An interesting question is “Why?”  Well, depression is of course a myriad of things.  Society has also paved this illness via its structures.  Tradition and culture may have hasten it in one way or another.  Heredity or predisposition may influence its strength in some people.  Psychology is a field specialised in this area.  Many studies had fascinated scholars in this subject and there is no single answer for this predicament.  It could also be an oppression of the spirits of darkness.

Let us keep our foot on the ground.  We have to be joyful in times of good and sorrow.  But this joy must not be some sort of a “show off.”  “Yes, I am joyful and you are not!”  No, have solidarity with those who may not have felt that kind of joy.  Walk with them and lead them to the Source of joy:  God alone!

The reality of life is:  Not everything could be joyful at all.  With this CoVid hovering in the world, how could one jump with joy?   Face this plague with great hope in the Lord tinged with rational mind and levelheadedness!  Social distancing, hygiene and consideration of others will get us through!  Remember that we are all in this together!  In present sorrow and later in joy in victory over this problem.  Be positive and pray always for “Nothing is impossible for God!”  This plague will pass as other plagues had.  For God has always the last Word.  Amen.

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