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Tuesday, December 7, 2021


How many times have we lost our temper?
Today, tomorrow or maybe in the late days
As it flared above the hills and valleys rays
O' charity we have forgotten like a maze...
How many times have our brows wrinkled?
Another hour, minute, second or a week---
I understand that annoyance may visit yet
O' charity knocks on the door for we fail?
How many times the lips clenched - agony?
The moon has shine at twilight flickers see,
Seek the heart, it never lies for thine anger
Quite felt and sadness ensues for so long!
How slow the light sometimes to unravel--
There are moods to avoid, yet how imperfect!
Unrest covers the myriad of the sun's beauty
Let me sleep and recover the gifts that hide!
The roses of my heart can bear thine coldness,
Wish that warmth will return and shed tonight
To please you is my dream but sometimes, time
Makes the difference, but my patience is beyond!
O' charity enter these gates and dusk the ghast
Of my oblivion to the steps, O' not a genius!
So that the gaze will renew by the dew of autumn,
And his smile will return and words get warmer!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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