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Saturday, March 19, 2022


Jokes CornerA missionary heard about a native who had five wives.
"You are violating a law of God," said the good missionary.
"So you must tell four of those women they can no longer
live here or consider you their husband."
The native thought a few moments, then said,
"Me wait here. You tell 'em."
A minister answered his telephone to hear a woman's voice request, "Send six cases of vodka, please."The pastor recognised the voice as that of one of his parishioners. Gently he replied, "I am your minister."He expected an apology by her for dialing the wrong number.Instead she retorted, "What are you doing at the liquor store?"

The evangelist for a country church high up in the mountains was out visiting prospective members one day. He had spotted a house up in a mountain range that required a least a two mile walk.He discovered a man rocking back and forth on the porch."Howdy, friend, my name is Evangelist Jones, What's yours?'"Calloway's the name. What can I do for you?"The minister said, "I would like to ask a few questions.""Shoot! replied the mountaineer."
"Mr. Calloway, have you made peace with God?""Peace with God?" questioned Calloway, Me and God ain't never had no argument!""Mr. Calloway, are you a Christian?""I just told you, my name is Calloway, the Christians live four mountains up the road."Mr. Calloway, I am having a hard time getting through to you. Are you lost?"No I ain't lost. I've been living here all parts of my life!'"Well, Mr Calloway, what I really wanted to know is, are you ready for judgment day?"Judgement Day? When's its going to be?" The young minister replied, "Well, Mr Calloway, it could be today or it could be tomorrow.""Well, land sakes alive, parson, don't tell my wife.She'll want to go both days!"
Tal Bonham

Source: The Treasury of Clean Church Jokes

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