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Tuesday, April 19, 2022



Too much preoccupation with the world estrange one to God.
Without moderation, one does things with intense ardor and that
is tantamount to idolatry.  For example, when one is preoccupied
with too much food, it is simply gluttony---one of the seven deadly

On the other hand, if one is too much preoccupied with admiration
for oneself and of neglect of other's needs---that's vanity, another deadly sin.
If one lacks the virtue of humility and just pride over himself---that's
pride!  That pride led to the Fall when the Evil likes to be a god.

We will notice that all of the sins stems from preoccupation with worldly things.
Obsession with the worldly is incompatible with a focus on the kingdom
of God.  For when one is preoccupied with the works of the flesh, one
loses sight of God and of his goodness, love and mercy.

The key to everything is moderation!  It does not mean that we will not relax
or wind oneself once in a while.  It becomes a sin when it is done excessively,
for it becomes a little 'god'---idol.

Even at the Wedding at Cana in the gospel of John, Jesus changed water into
wine.  The Lord did not prohibit the drinking of wine in festive occasions as
a wedding.  Wine is a symbol used in the Mass.  But if a person gurgles wine
in excess, it becomes a sin for it estrange oneself from beholding the beauty
of God.  Then, the person's god is now Bacchus, the god of wine.

The Lord did not prohibit one from taking care of oneself, "anoint one's head
with oil or balm."  But if one has vanity---excessive preoccupation with one's
appearance, it becomes a grave sin because this vanity become's one's god.

The bottom line is:  Never have an idol, one that occupies your mind and heart
more than God.  For God is a jealous God---does not like to have a rival in your
heart.  Love God above all things ---living or non-living!

Refrain from idolatry!  Live and let others live.  Spread the Word.  Bind oneself
to Jesus---the Son of God (The Way, The Truth and The Life).  There is no other way,
for God said so in His Word.  Why will we not believe?  One can believe other
men, why not God---one's Creator.  For without God, one's existence is not valid,
never, for our existence is only from God's goodness.

Maria Cassia

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