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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

How Awesome our God is! Reflection by Maria Cassia

As I reflect today on my journey with the Holy Bible, I can only say “How Awesome my God is.”  From Genesis to Exodus till all the books of the prophets flowing into the saga of the New Testament, I can truly only say, “How majestic my God is.”

In this world where the standpoint is material success, the sense of awe and reverence has been minimised.  When one shows too much religiosity and veneration for things related to God, it has been branded sometimes as exaggerated.  

There is no exaggeration in the worship of God.  It is our vocation to praise Him with all of our might.   God Almighty is awesome! If I could be branded as a fool for loving God so much such that my acknowledgment of his utter greatness make me look a fool to others, so be it.  Nevertheless, it will not diminish my praise for His glory as long as I live.

I am empowered by His love, by His mercy, by His perfection!  I know it comes only from Him.  Nothing can separate us from Thee.  “As for me and my family, we will serve you, O’Lord, God Almighty!”

Maria Cassia

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