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Saturday, August 13, 2022

“If you gain the whole world and lose your soul” Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

Yes, sometimes, the allure of the world could dazzle us!  Power, wealth, beauty and the like seems diamonds to one’s eyes.  On second thought, what could it bring to us?  Could it save our souls?  

We are not saying that wealth in itself is inherently bad.  It’s what you do with your wealth that will affect your relationship with God.  If one is rich, and richness could be a provision of God so that that person could help the poor, why not?  It’s only when that wealth of yours becomes your obsession for yourself, to satisfy your interests only and not of the needy and the helpless, that’s where it becomes evil in itself!  When your wealth becomes your preoccupation and you forget God and just use your wealth to oppress the poor and just simply dabble with it, then wealth becomes your god.  

Another point is the love of beauty!  Beauty in itself is a gift of God.  But when you trample that beauty with superficial plastic surgery to even become more beautiful (a delusion), then the seeking of beauty becomes your mini-god.  You literally make beauty and vanity your obsession, the most important thing in the world, which replaces God in your heart, then it becomes perilous for your soul.

The third point is the misuse of power.  If the power one abides is power coming from the Holy Spirit, not a problem!  But if the power one seeks is the power from the other one which blindeth to the truth that God must be the Centre of one’s life, that’s where the chaos starts.  The only Power one must recognise is the power of God Almighty and nothing else.  For the sovereignty of God is absolute!  No other power must we abide and trust.  

Let us save our souls by focusing on God alone and making God our number one in our hearts.  God did not promise that we will not have suffering on earth because that suffering makes us closer to Jesus, the Son of God.  But God promised, He will get us through, help us at all times if we abide in Him fully, sincerely and totally.

Praise God forever and ever!

Cynthia Abegail

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