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Saturday, April 17, 2021



It all started from Him and nobody else,
Heaven and earth and lo' human race--
From nothingness, darkness, emptiness
A divine wind, Holy Spirit --- true oases.
God's word in essence is ultimate power
Light ensues, evening and then morning,
Earth and seas, Thine's glory you share
Seeds of all kinds and fruits O' bearing!
The sun shone brightly during the day,
And moon, as silver o'er the night allay
The stars twinkle, vibrant at an array
As it revolves just gently in Milky Way.
The birds flew along the gentle breeze,
Fishes swum in grace with utter ease
Dolphins and whales rival as they sway
By the blue sea across the shore at bay!
The Almighty saw all were really good!
Creeping things, wild walks in all mood
"Multiply", God said and fill the seas in
All the earth, as they glide, more in kin!
The summit of creation, then now came,
God created man in His image, so great!
Clothed of will, innocent and no shame!
Loving, kind, at peace but such no fame...
Just mortals, but given glory above all
Creatures of Thine Hand, as bell tolls
Be happy, for even after the first Fall,
An image saved, will return as He call!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(The modern Science connot explain the mystery of Creation not only the whole Universe , how big or small.We have to really believe in the might of the Mighty Hand of God Almighty. Our popular Poetess Cynthia Abegail is showing us the power of our God Almighty through the very beautiful melodious Poem. Thanks) New World


Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem! Cynthia i love your style of writing! Truly fabulous!

CynthiaAbegail said...

Dear Mary,

Thanks; you are very
kind. I also admire
your faithfulness and
love for God.