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Thursday, September 3, 2020



Stealing cars is common nowadays. But there is a new
trend of robbing drivers of cash at highways and
byways. I was driving along that highway and I saw
a striking sticker...

"I do not have cash. I AM MARRIED!"

John was successful in persuading her wife to get
an insurance policy. At last the broker completed
the papers at their home complete with the wife's

As the broker is about to leave, John whispered
a simple question.
John: If my wife die tonight, could you please tell
me how much will I get?
Broker: About twenty years or lifetime!

James: How could I leave you, I love you so much?
Ann: By bus, by tram, by train, anything...
Wife (to a best friend): My husband left me... (crying)
Best friend: Look at the mirror!
Waiter, bring me a burnt steak, greasy burger and a
a brittle bacon.
I could not do that, Sir.
Why not, you have done it the other day!

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