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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Jokes only by Cynthia Abegail

Mary:  What are the food I should not eat?  I have diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure and extreme weight.

Dietitian:  Nothing high carbs, no fatty foods, not much meat especially no red meat, no fruits coz high sugar!

Mary:  Then what should I eat?

Dietitian:  Nothing!


Roma noticed that whenever she invite people personally for an event, only 5-10 attend.  She used reverse psychology.  She did not invite personally but just advertise in public.  She also asked Don to invite others.  Then, 100 came.  


Tutor:  Hi, I am Donna, your Tutor for Physics.

Mother:  Do you think Sally will pass by the end of the year?

Tutor:  Well, it depends upon a lot of factors, my tutoring, the school’s teacher, the environment, heredity and your child!

Mother:  Then, she has great chances!

Tutor:  I forgot to tell you, her factor is 90 percent!😊

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