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Sunday, July 24, 2022


Husband: Where's my socks?
Wife: In the garbage bin.
Husband: Then where's my pants?
Wife: In the recyclables!
Husband: And where's my gardening
Wife: In the green bin!
Husband: Promise my love, I will go
home early tonight!

Jane: Alright, according to the Navigator,
turn left!
Ofelia: That's a river!
Jane: Why wrong?
Ofelia: Navigator's upside down, dear!

Psychiatrist: From my analysis, you have a
manic depressive disorder.
Patient: Doc, why did my other doctor says
I have psychosis. Is that the same?
Psychiatrist: O' you have both, I mean!

Optometrist: What is this color?
Patient: Blue, doc.
Optometrist: Do not make a joke,
are you sure?
Patient: I'm sure!
Optometrist: Why are you not telling the truth?
Patient: Because I am color blind...

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