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Monday, January 10, 2022


This is a love poem dedicated to our valued readers...

Hearts may be fickle but not in love
Love is pure, noble no one can rob
Kind, giving, surmounting terrains
Seas, valleys, hills and mountains.

Captured artists in all dimensions,
Misty paintings or colorful eons
Music as elusive as doe-eyed deer
Waltzes and rhymes we can't bear!

Passionate, sometimes mellowed
Mutual feelings at its sudden peak
But in its essence, true and not bleak
Wishing the best for the love it seeks.

Warm embraces, gentle kisses
Rush of waves by the ocean
Whiff of dew on luscious lips
Hug of mirage on velvet eyes.

Scent of magnolias on the air
Touch of silky stir of moon
Dames of roses not to boon
Till the sun sets after noon.

Soft footsteps on the shore
When will I see you at lore?
Castles of dune near the tide
Missed my love by that side.

The clouds darken in the sky
Looming rain not far beyond
Will I forget you at bounds?
Tears of hope still at hand!

Bouquets of roses at my hand,
Reminisce a single poet's wand
It is better to have love and lost
Than never to have love at all...

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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