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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

“Our Father”. The greatest prayer: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

 Our Father

There are special characteristics of our Father.  A father is loving and compassionate.  As we can feel, our Heavenly Father   is always by our side.  He never abandon us despite of our sinfulness.

Our Father always provides!  We only have to trust Him with all of our hearts.  Sometimes, we do not see his works, but just the sending of angels to us especially if we are in danger is already of great help.  As we are not battling with enemies in the flesh but of evil spirits in the wicked places, our beloved God endured that we are covered.

Our Father forgives us unlimited times as long as we repent of our sins and come back to Him.  God knows that we are sinners and we are all weak and vulnerable.  He gives us chances to amend our lives.  God’s Mercy is deeper than the ocean and higher than the heavens.  All are baffled by unconditional mercy of our Almighty Father.

Our Father is just!  He is loving but just at the same time.  We also incur the consequences of sin.  His love involves discipline.  Our Father likes us to move from being wayward and wild children to be righteous and loving heirs to His Kingdom.

Praise be to God Almighty Father!

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