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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Praise God Almighty in the highest heavens!

Praise God!  Alleluia!  It is quite surprising that when someone praise God, then people look at that person with disdain or sometimes with an air of "Why?"

Why?  This is a weird question.  Once and for all, it is just right to praise God Almighty every second of our lives!  Without God, our life is like a barren land, so parched and dry, meaningless, full of vices and we could be like a chaff taken by the wind and just land on anything without purpose.  

God created us to live a full life!  It's a life that thinks about why are we here in the first place.  It's a life that thinks not only of ourselves but of our families and for others.  It's not a life that is wayward for it was not meant to be.  It's not rigid either, but a life that is free in the Holy Spirit!

Remember when you were a child, nothing matters except your mother and father.  When they leave you, you just cry and are helpless?  Yes, that's how we should be when we stray and God seems to be nowhere!  We will cry out, "Abba Father, where are you?  I love you, do not leave me.  I am sorry for what I have done for I offended Thee.  I like to come back to you."

Then, since God loves you with an everlasting love, He took you back.  God loves all, from the tiniest beggar to the eminent and strong people!  He has no favourites.

Praise God Almighty!  Praise for your goodness, mercy and kindness!  We love you and we adore Thee, forever and ever.

Lord, we pray for our world, please help us within the chaos.  Please help the nations settle all the wars.  Please assist the countries in the world to feed the hungry, to fight for the poor and marginalised in our societies and to care for the youth and elderly.  May Thou please imbibe in us a spirit of love and compassion.  All of these we pray in the Name of your Beloved Son, Jesus:  Through the intercession of Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Michael the Archangel, all the angels and saints. Amen...

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