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Monday, September 7, 2020

PSALM 14 "I Will Praise Your Name Forever"

"I will praise your Name forever my King and my God."

When we praise the Lord, we feel good!   Yes, because instilled in our very being is the predisposition to praise Him.  God is our King.  We admire our King, we love our King and we praise our King.

Why not?  God gave us everything we need and will provide for all the things we need in the future!  Of course, we need to pray.  It's not like we just wait till nothing happens.  The grace of God is always available, but as good children of God, we make our intentions clear to God.  He likes our hearts to be unwavering, though if we fail, God will accept and embrace us as long as we repent of our sins.

Let us pray today to our Almighty Father to grant us the grace of prayer and supplications.  That our hearts and souls be dedicated to Him.  That our allegiance to Him will last forever.  Alleluia!!!
All in the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen.

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