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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Quiet moments with the Lord: Reflection by Prayer Aid

They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces will never be ashamed.  Ps 34:5 
The quiet moments we spend with the Lord, can accomplish far more than we can imagine.   It does not matter where we are when we sit quietly with Him, we will experience His Presence.   It is the quiet moments with the Lord that remove every darkness in our lives and fill us with His peace, His light, His wisdom to face the challenges of life. Time is a big factor for everyone, and when we put aside everything and make time for the Lord, we are richly blessed.  Through that moment alone with Him, we can receive healing, peace, joy and a solution to our situation.  Enjoy His Presence. (Thanks Jane for this wonderful reflection.  Truly, our time with the Lord gives us peace and He will fill us with joy and solution to our problems.  Superb!).  Cynthia Abegail for New World.

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