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Thursday, April 8, 2021



The tranquil water that never gushes though ripples
Slowly encircles his boat as if to delight his journey
It was dawn yet trickles of bare sunlight touched
His brawny arms quite dark brown and so tanned.
But face is quite gaunt, eyes sharp yet darkened O'
Lips parched dry as the heavy winds blew across---
The sails that was carefully mended by his wife
Yesterday as she farewelled him with tears and
So much hope that he return safe on the ebb of
Each night for she knows how valiant his man
Courage within his blood and fearless at all cost!
Cast his net at the right moment as fishes danced
Across the deep blue sea, yonder leaped to free,
Yet the fisherman's will overcame and hauled!
The day was long, the sea turned rough, not still
But he's not a man who worries about the gales,
Since gales piece and form his life---adventure!
No adversity will ruin his composure, so whiff
Rowed quickly back towards the shore but O'
Miles of distance; valiantly stiffen the sail and
As winds came from nowhere, he uttered Abba
Help me, Aye the old fisherman is sturdy---
Yet humble enough to ask! Steadily the boat
Moved determined to win this battle with
Violent gust of wind, and that's why he will
return again tomorrow to the sea: but today,
He will wipe his wife's tears and rejoice for
The harvest is plenty; the fisherman utters,
Thank you God yesterday, today it matters!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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